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About Me


Photography, for me, is a wonderful combination of all of my passions blended into one endless art form.

Having grown up in the mountains of Slovakia, I developed a fondness for all things involving nature and the wilderness. I have been rock climbing for a large part of my life, and this has taken me to many amazing places above the skyline. Aside from being a climber, as a child, I also dreamed to someday become an artist so that I could share with others my imaginative vision of the world and the people around us. Photography allows me to capture and portray all that I love in life, and share it with those who appreciate the splendor around us.

I have lived in Colorado since 2009, but I have been living in the US for many years before that. I love to photograph everything around me, including landscapes of the great Rocky Mountains and beyond, all of the many species of plants and animals around us, spontaneous portraits of people in everyday situations, and anything else that catches my attention. I specialize in wildlife and bird photography. I always strive to show unique perspectives, and to capture the behaviors and personalities of animals, and also to show common animals or birds in a new way. My work has been published internationally in UK, Russia, Germany, Slovakia, China, and Netherlands. You will also see my work on curated photography websites such as and National Geographic website, "Your Shot".

Thank you for visiting and for supporting the art of photography.

Photographer: Verdon Tomajko

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